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Our Hospital takes pride 70-483 in having the most advanced department for Digestive and Gastro-intestinal Diseases, Gastro-Intestinal Surgery. The department carries out all major GI, Hepato-billiary and Pancreatic Surgeries and has a very active Bariatric surgery program for Weight loss. The department has dedicated Endoscopy suite with contemporary technology, located within its Outpatient area, along with the recovery room, for ease of patient movement. The department has a team of highly qualified and trained Doctors with decades 70-410 of experience in the treatment of GI diseases by Medical, Surgical and Combined means.

  • 3 Chip digital Camera (Stryker – USA) first in Gujarat.
  • 300 w xenon light with light high definition monitor (Sony – Japan).
  • Autosonix ultrasonic system (Autoduture USA).
  • Apart from routine laparoscopy the department is equipped and prepared to take the challenges of obesity surgery with visiting National and International faculties.


    Obesity is dangerous condition – one of the primary health problems. Obesity must be treated by a healthy life style, an appropriate diet and exercises. In many cases however, when excessive weight has reached and passed a certain level, these measures are not sufficient and dangerous condition cannot be solved permanently. The level of obesity can be calculated by the Body Mass Index (BMI). When BMI is equal to higher then 40kg/m2 obesity is called morbid (that is generating serious health problems). In the case of morbid obesity, surgical treatment is currently the only treatment considered effective over the long term.

  • Intragastric Balloon
  • Gastric Band
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy

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