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Joint Replacement

We offered here: Joint Replacement dedicated to treat all disorders of all joints specially knee, hip and shoulder. We offered Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, as well as Replacement of Shoulder Joint using computer navigation system.

  • No Need of exercise / Physiotherapy
  • Mobilization in just few hrs after surgery
  • Small & Painless incision of operation
  • Able to perform activity of daily living on very 2nd day of surgery
  • Only department having computer navigation system for Both Hip and Knee Replacements in India.
  • Operation Theatre dedicated to joint replacement surgery only.
  • Jointless, class 100 theatre with laminar air flow-to prevent infection.
  • Body exhaust system for prevention of contamination.
  • Bone bank for revision joint replacement surgery.
  • Backed by good ICU facility for high risk patient
  • Patient Specific Zig

    The personalized knee surgery plan because every knee is different. How your Knee Replacement Fits is Important.

    For thousands of people each year, a knee replacement operation is successful in relieving pain and improving movement for years to come. How well a knee replacement fits is vital for how well it performs.1–2 Your replacement knee must be in exactly the right position within your joint so it will move as it is designed to, and not put strain on the implant – or on your body. How well a knee replacement fits is vital for how well it performs. The shape of your knee is unique. The bones and soft tissues in each person’s knee make the joint a unique shape.

    So, fitting a replacement joint in exactly the right place to work with each person’s anatomy is very complicated, and takes much skill and experience. Even expert surgeons can find it challenging to achieve the right positioning in some patients.

    Patient Specific zig Helps Find the Right Alignment.
    Having your knee replaced means removing the diseased or damaged joint surfaces of the knee and replacing them with durable metal and plastic components designed to restore ease of movement. In conventional knee replacement, your surgeon measures your knee during the operation, and uses their judgement to decide on positioning.

    With PrePlan, a detailed 3D model is created before the operation based on your own anatomy, and then approved by your surgeon. During the operation your surgeon still has ultimate control, and can check the fit of the knee like they would during conventional surgery.

    How can Patient Specific Zig Benefit Me?
    Positioning your knee implant as accurately as possible to the individual shape of your leg helps your new knee to move as well as possible. In rare cases where a knee implant is positioned wrongly, there is a risk of the knee not working properly relatively soon after the operation.2,5 Patients with a poorly positioned knee are often less satisfied than people whose knees are positioned correctly.

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