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Are you one of the countless individuals grappling with persistent knee pain that has become a constant and unwelcome companion in your daily life? Is the swelling and stiffness in your knees making even the simplest tasks feel like daunting challenges? If you find yourself nodding in agreement, it might be time to explore the option of knee replacement surgery.

But with a myriad of choices available at varied knee replacement surgery costs, how do you navigate this important decision? Allow me to introduce you to Parekhs Hospital, a place where expertise, experience, and excellence converge to offer you the best possible solution for total knee replacement surgery.

What is Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement surgery is a medical procedure designed to alleviate chronic knee pain and enhance mobility. This surgical intervention involves the removal of damaged knee joint surfaces and their replacement with artificial implants. It's a transformative solution for individuals who have been enduring persistent discomfort and limitations due to knee issues.

Types of Knee Replacement

Knee replacement comes in various forms, addressing unique patient needs.

  • Total Knee Replacement involves replacing the entire knee joint.
  • On the other hand Partial knee replacement targets the damaged portions.

Your orthopedic expert at Parekhs Hospital will guide you toward the most suitable option tailored to your specific condition.

Why Choose Parekhs Hospital?

Embrace confidence in your journey to recovery with Parekhs Hospital's unparalleled commitment to excellence in knee replacement surgery.

  • Second-Generation Cori Robotic Surgery Procedures
    Parekhs Hospital pioneers cutting-edge second-generation Cori robotic surgery procedures, ensuring precision and personalized care. Integrating advanced robotics elevates the accuracy and success rates of knee replacement surgeries, enhancing patient outcomes and recovery experiences.
  • 25+ Years of Experience in Knee Replacement Surgery
    Benefit from the wealth of experience amassed over 25 years in knee replacement surgery. Our seasoned orthopedic specialists bring unparalleled expertise, ensuring a thorough understanding of diverse cases and delivering optimal results.
  • 25,000+ Successful Surgeries
    With a remarkable track record of over 25,000 successful knee replacement surgeries, Parekhs Hospital stands as a beacon of trust and reliability. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the countless lives we've positively impacted through successful surgical interventions.
  • 2500+ Successful Robotic Knee Replacement Surgeries
    Experience the future of knee replacement with Parekhs Hospital's 2500+ successful robotic knee replacement surgeries. Our proficiency in robotic-assisted procedures enhances precision, minimizes invasiveness, and accelerates recovery, setting new benchmarks in patient care.
  • Prime Location in Ahmedabad
    Nestled in the heart of Ahmedabad, Parekhs Hospital provides accessibility without compromise. Our prime location ensures that world-class knee replacement services are within reach, facilitating seamless patient experiences from consultation to recovery.
  • Gujarat’s First Robotic Knee Replacement Center
    Parekhs Hospital proudly leads as Gujarat's first robotic knee replacement center. This distinction highlights our commitment to embracing innovative technologies that redefine the landscape of knee replacement surgery. Trust Parekhs Hospital as the vanguard of transformative orthopedic care.

At Parekhs Hospital, we're not just healing knees; we're restoring lives. Experience the pinnacle of orthopedic excellence and compassionate care on your journey to pain-free mobility.


Ranjana Narayan, ISRO Scientist

I am Ranjana Narayan and I am 68 years old. I got my total knee replacement of both knees done at Parekh's Hospital by Dr Dimple Parekh. I have had knee issues for 10 years; I was not able to stand or walk without pain; doing daily chores was a trouble too. But post surgery I am in a much better condition. I can walk easily and handle my daily chores easily as well. I recommend cases like mine to visit Dr. Dimple Parekh at Parkesh's Hospital. If you have knee issues, please get a knee replacement done. This facility for me came via my office ISRO via CHHS.

Manisha Kagdi

I have had knee trouble for many years now. I took medicines as well, but had not relief. Then I got my knee replacement surgery done by Dr Dimple Parekh. My relatives like my mother and father have had an experience that if we get this surgery done late, they face troubles in rehab post surgery. Then why must we delay the same when Parekh's Hospital has such a great expertise in total knee replacement. Earlier I was not aware that I would recover so fast; I even didn't face any issues or pain during the surgery. It was so smooth that I did not face a single issue. Even if I had slight pain post surgery, the physio-therapist here helped me immediately tide over the same very smoothly. The entire staff supported me so well. It is just third day here, I can easily walk home by the walker, if they relieve me today! I am deeply grateful to the doctors and entire staff of Parekh's Hospital.

What to Expect During and After Knee Replacement Surgery

Embarking on the journey of knee replacement surgery brings a promise of renewed mobility.

  • During the knee replacement procedure, your skilled surgeon will replace damaged joint surfaces with prosthetics, aiming to alleviate pain and restore function.
  • Post-surgery, anticipate a period of rehabilitation, guided by a dedicated team, fostering a gradual return to an active, pain-free life. If you are consistent with your physiotherapy, then you can expect basic leg movement within two to four days. While other heavy breaks like climbing stairs etc can be achieved within a month usually unless you have delayed your surgery by years.

Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Ahmedabad

The cost of knee replacement surgery in Ahmedabad hinges on factors like the choice of knee implants and hospitalization requirements. At Parekhs Hospital, we prioritize transparency, ensuring you receive the best value for your investment in regaining a life free from knee pain. Our cost structures are tailored to accommodate various needs, emphasizing quality care without compromise.

Total Knee replacement FAQs

  • Reasons to Consider Knee Replacement Surgery
    Embarking on knee replacement isn't just a medical choice; it's a pathway to reclaiming life from the clutches of severe arthritis, unyielding pain, and restricted mobility. This surgical endeavor promises not merely relief but a profound enhancement in your quality of life, fostering the independence you long for.
  • Can I Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery?
    Navigating conservative treatments is a valid route, yet in severe cases, surgical intervention becomes a crucial consideration. Consultations with our specialists embrace the uniqueness of your condition, guiding you towards the most fitting solution with empathy and understanding.
  • What Happens During Surgery, and How Long Does It Take?
    The surgical journey entails delicate precision as damaged joint surfaces are replaced with prosthetics. This transformative process, lasting 1-2 hours, is a testament to the dedication of our skilled surgical team, ensuring every moment contributes to your well-being.
  • How Soon Will I Be Able to Walk After Knee Replacement Surgery?
    Your post-surgery walk isn't just a step; it's a stride towards regained freedom. Walking begins on the day of surgery, supported by a personalized physical therapy plan. Gradual progression is the key, ensuring a safe and effective return to the rhythm of life.
  • Should I Worry About Anesthesia?
    Anesthesia isn't just a process; it's a careful orchestration by our experienced professionals. Your worry is acknowledged, and our team, with empathy, assures a pain-free and comfortable experience. Risks are minimized, and your well-being takes precedence in every aspect.
  • How Much Pain Will I Have After Surgery?
    Pain isn't just a sensation; it's a journey managed with compassion. Medications and personalized care plans form the foundation, promising a gradual reduction in discomfort as you traverse the path of recovery, each step attuned to your comfort.
  • What Should I Expect Immediately Following Surgery?
    The immediate aftermath isn't just a phase; it's a closely monitored transition. Your vital signs are observed, and mobility guidance is offered with a nurturing touch. Our team ensures this initial recovery phase unfolds smoothly, prioritizing your comfort and reassurance.
  • Which Are the Best Hospitals for Knee Replacement?
    Your choice of hospital isn't just a selection; it's an investment in trust and care. Parekhs Hospital, a premier choice, doesn't just house cutting-edge technology and experienced professionals; it resonates with a commitment to exceptional patient care, ensuring your journey is marked by empathy and excellence.
  • Who Is the Best Knee Replacement Surgeon?
    Selecting a surgeon isn't just a decision; it's an affirmation of trust and expertise. Our team, comprising skilled orthopedic surgeons, doesn't just bring extensive experience; it carries a dedication to optimal surgical outcomes. Choose Parekhs Hospital, where excellence meets empathy in every procedure.
  • What Is the Newest Procedure for Knee Replacement?
    Innovation isn't just a concept; it's a reality at Parekhs Hospital. Our second-generation Cori robotic surgery procedures redefine knee replacement, promising precision and enhanced recovery. Stay at the forefront, where every advancement is a step towards a future marked by technological excellence and compassionate care.
  • At Parekhs Hospital, we don't just provide medical services; we offer a partnership in your journey to restored mobility and a pain-free life. Choose us for our expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a legacy of successful outcomes. Your well-being is our priority, and we look forward to accompanying you on your path to a healthier, more vibrant life.